3 fail safe Christmas presents.

Okay, so can we start off by saying I am the worst present buyer ever. Not in the sense that I buy rubbish presents, but in the sense that I'm pretty last minute and indecisive.... and then when I do eventually buy something I tend to go WILD. Furthermore, I don't think there is any harm in asking people what they would like - it certainly makes life a lot easier for the present buyer.
I've got quite a variation here so hopefully you will be able to get some ideas?
Next up we have something beauty related, I don't want to talk about this one too much as I will have a separate review on it soon. The Urban Decay Naked palettes have been hyped for so long and for good reason too! I have the first and third version pictured, but there are also blush palettes and more. Urban Decay is such a great brand, so if you are looking for something beauty related and are a bit stuck as to what exactly to get I would definitely look into an Urban Decay palette - I was so excited to be given mine. 
Secondly, we have something for the home; most people love a candle or two so I think these are ideal. I have a few bits from FATFACE*, one of which pictured above. I really love the new range that has come out and would be pretty pleased to see these on Christmas morning. I'm quite picky of scents and wary that they will be too strong but these are perfect. I've got Vanilla Creme, in both the jar candle and the multi-wick tin candle - both of them leave such a cosy scent in the room without it being too overpowering. They have a few different scent variations so I thought I would go for the mini scent reed diffuser set too just to try these out. In this 3 pack, you get Vanilla Creme, Lavender and mimosa and fresh linen. All three of them again smell absolutely lovely and not too over powering. I love the little bottles - they match my decor so well and make a great addition. The box itself is presented so beautifully too. (I have more photos to share, but the weather is total pants and I've retaken on 4 seperate occasions - fifth time lucky I hope?
My final pick is this beautiful scarf from The Tartan Blanket Co.* I do love a good British brand and the story behind The Tartan Blanket Co is just lovely! I opted for the Lifestyle New Wool Scarf in Beehive, it's hand woven and, of course, made with such great care. You can really feel the quality in this scarf - I am so excited to get lots of use out of it now that winter has arrived! It's definitely going to go with pretty much any outfit I choose to wear. In addition to this, the presentation of the box it arrived it was beautiful - it's hand wrapped in tissue so all ready for the 25th!

Are you still shopping for Christmas presents?

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