Sunday, 24 November 2013

TheBodyShop AW picks!

I was recently given the opportunity to try some new products from The Body Shop, this was exciting as I am already such a fan! The Body Shop are running a new campaign at the moment titled ‘Get the look’ in which they have inspirational looks using their own products. I was given some great shades suitable for this season!
All in one BB Cream - 03 £12.00*
I was most excited to try this as I much prefer tinted moisturisers or BB creams rather than foundation for everyday wear. The BB cream is advertised as colour adapting; I was given shade 03 which is too dark for my skin tone as you can see in the pictures so I don’t really know if it adapts or not. The cream comes out white but as you smooth it into the skin the tint appears. The application is smooth and non cakey and for a BB Cream the coverage is very high. I might look into buying a shade lighter as it comes in another three shades but it is a little too scented for me.

Smudger Brush £9.00*
This brush is a lot bigger than the typical eyeshadow sponge applicators so I use it for applying highlighter on top of the cheekbones instead.

Colour Crush eyeshadow- 320 Grape Expectation £7.00*
Plum is one of my favourite colours and I was happy to receive this eyeshadow. The application is smooth and the colour is quite opaque and very shimmery! I would most likely apply this underneath the waterline as a pop of colour rather than on the eyelid. They have another 29 colours to chose from and these eyeshadows can be made to look more intense if applied with a damp brush.

Colour Crush lipstick- 325 Darling Blush £10.00*
When I saw this lipstick on the site I was quite apprehensive as the swatch online is nothing like the actual product! I really love this lipstick and it is so the shade I would go for, it is a pink tone with gold shimmer in it making it almost peach. The lipstick is creamy and moisturising too. I will be definitely be getting a lot of use out of this one!

Shimmer Waves- 01 Bronze £16.00*
We all know about the infamous Bobbi Brown Shimmer brick, this is that but at a fraction of the price! It is so pigmented and I would even use the palette for eyeshadow, blusher and a highlighter. They can be used individually on the cheeks or all at once by swirling the brush!

I hope you enjoyed this post. Please let me know if you have tried any products from The Body Shop? x

Friday, 15 November 2013

Nakd Bar

I brought a Nakd bar today after looking for a new treat for a while. For months I have been on an aspartame and caffeine free diet so eating sweets and chocolate is a total no-no for me. I thought I would try out the Nakd bars as they are 100% natural!

Nakd describes them as "Our simplest and most beloved bars. Just raw fruits and nuts smooshed together. Containing 100% natural ingredients with no added sugars or syrups,  these bars are also wheat, dairy and gluten free, and bursting with yummy goodness. With a soft, chewy texture they fill you up till your next meal and most count towards 1 of your 5 a day too. Ideal for lunchboxes, grabbing on the go and refuelling between meals!

The Nakd bars are made from just fruit and nuts; nothing artificial or modified is added which is great! They are also cold pressed which means they aren’t processed the same way as other sweets and treats. They are 100% vegan too!
The main ingredient in this flavour was dates and that was quite evident in the taste, super healthy. The actual ingredients are "dates 49%, raw cashews 31%, raw raisins 17%, raw raspberries 3%, a hint of natural berry flavour”. This counts towards your 1 of your 5 a day too. The Berry Delight bar only contains 135 calories. The bar cost 75p which Is similar to a chocolate bar so you may as well give it a try.

I am so glad I gave it a go and next payday I will be buying a big box online they do so many other flavours! I can see myself buying a stash to keep in my handbag as they will be great for when on the go.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Have you ever tried natural foods like these?

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Maybelline Baby Lips full collection

Hi everyone! Hope you are all well on this wintery day.

I have been loving lip balms recently so when the last one I was using finished I ended up caving in and buying the Maybelline Baby lips Lip Balms after seeing all the hype. And yeh, I brought all of them! So I now have a big supply for the next few months and thought I would show you them.

Maybelline have released 6 different balms you can collect. The ones released in the UK vary from the US ones slightly. 

I am definitely more of a lip balm kind of gal, I think lip balms are much easier and fuss free than lipsticks and glosses. Lip balms are great for every day use and are much more nourishing than lipsticks.

The lips balms are super nourishing and the three clear ones contain SPF20; the other three are lightly tinted. The colour pay off will depend on your natural lip colour but you can build on the colour.  Peach Kiss is slightly shimmery. Two of the lip balms are also scented; ‘Cherry Me’ is cherry scented and ‘Minty Fresh’ is very minty! - they are all thoroughly moisturising and last around 5 hours i’d say. I really like the product design, I have never seen a lip balm with such cute packaging.

I am glad I purchased all of the lip balms; I wouldn’t necessarily buy them for the colour but as a lip balm they are worth the purchase.

The Maybelline Baby Lips lip balms retail at £2.99. I brought them on a 3 for 2 offer so brought all six for £11.96 instead of £17.94 which is a bargain! Superdrug still have the 3 for 2 offer and if you are buying online you are entitled to free delivery with purchase over £10. So all 6 posted to your door for only £11.96!

Hope you enjoyed this review, let me know if you have tried them and what your favourite is! x

UPDATE 21st December 2013 - I thought it was only right to update this post after using the lip balms for a good few weeks.

Baby lips Intense (blue)
I have been using this one everyday and it is by far my most favourite. This balm is very moisturising and does what a good lip balm should do. I will definitely be repurchasing this one!

Baby lips Cherry Me (orange)
I can’t quite figure out what this one smells of, almost similar to those chalky sweets you eat when you’re young - parma violets? This lip balm is not as moisturising but does give a great colour pay off if layered, the colour is a deep red shade. Perfect for this season.

Baby lips Peach Kiss (purple)
This lip balm is more a little moisturising and gives a slight peach/gold shimmer to the lips. If you apply too much of it you might get the appearance of foundation lips and nobody wants that.

Baby lips Mint Fresh (green)
I gave this one away as it took the word minty to a whole new level! I didn’t like it at all but that’s just me - I don’t like peppermint chewing gum either.

Baby lips Intense care (yellow)
This is another balm without colour, It is alright not as good as the blue one so I won’t be repurchasing.

Baby lips Pink Punch (pink)
The colour payoff of this balm is great, it is a wearable shade of pink and can be intensified with more applications. I can see this one being great for the summer!

Hopefully this update is helpful, out of the six I would only repurchase Hydrate (blue), Cherry Me (orange) and Pink Punch (pink). If I had to choose one it would definitely be the Hydrate lip balm as it is very moisturising!

Let me know your favourites in the comments!

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Rosegold heart ring tray

This little heart tray is fab for storing little dainty rings. I glammed it up a little with the help of a Rose Gold nail varnish and dotted it on; I think it looks pretty cute.

Let me know what you think?

Sunday, 3 November 2013

My Autumn/Winter nail polish picks

Hidden Secret / Silky Claret / Mocha / Red Peck

It’s no word of a lie when I say I was so excited to receive this package of nail polishes from AKA Cosmetics.
The first ever shade I came across from the brand was called ‘Perfect Sky’ which is a turquoise colour perfect for the summer, I used it all up because of the opaqueness and quality; I was so excited to try out more shades.
The shades I received are all perfect for this season and winter. You have your classic red, a mushroom colour, a very deep grey/black shade and a lovely muted fuchsia nail polish. They have another 8 shades to choose from.

I am currently wearing the shade Mocha; 3 days in and it is still chip free. The consistency of these nail polishes help you apply a much smoother coat. They also dry super quick and for £5 they are a bargain!

Check AKA cosmetics out here - they also sell makeup!
I know I will be alternating between these shades all through A/W, what are your favourites?

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