Thursday, 29 August 2013

Quirky stick on nails | So Nailed

Like most people I feel painted nails look much more chic and presentable. Being the creative person that I am I love searching the internet for cool quirky nail designs, I enjoy painting my nails when I get the chance but as once mentioned in a previous post I always end up smudging them because I have no patience at all, sad really.

When I came across the So Nailed pre-designed nails I was in awe! Sophie hand paints all the nails, which can be personalised on request and her designs are gorgeous.

Stick on nails are effortless for us who are in a rush, and the designs are all contemporary;- vintage roses or aztec anyone?! Definitely worth checking out. The nails themselves are high quality and you can see a lot of time has gone into personalising them. Application is super easy, along with some nail glue you have lying about in your makeup drawer simply apply it to the back of the false nail. Then place it onto your real nail and hold in place for a few seconds till it sticks. Sophie supplies full instructions with each design to help.

Sophie also custom makes designs, so just send her a little message if you would like something more unique! Price includes postage so at £5 it is an absolute bargain! 

What do you think of this concept? What’s your favourite nail print?

*PR Sample. Images used are Sophies photos as my memory card had issues whilst transferring the photos to the laptop. 

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Desk Inspiration.

I have found myself spending ALOT of time on Pinterest as of late. It makes me happy. That is all. I have been obsessing over the desks pictures and seriously regret throwing mine away a few months ago, my reasoning was no more course work; no need for a desk.

I enjoy making inspiration boards but I thought this time I would make it in a blog post form.

Here are a few desk inspiration pictures I have been loving, I know once payday comes around I will be attempting to recreate one of these designs! They all have a similar theme; white wood, pretty florals, pastel detailing, twinkly lights and a beaut iMac (the iMac is not an option at the moment *sigh*)

Images taken from Tumblr & Pinterest respectively

I hope this post provided inspiration to you too! I know I will be compiling a list this week full of things to buy, I’m excited! 

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

GIVEAWAY - 100 followers! | CLOSED

I am so pleased to announce I have finally hit 100 followers! This is my fifth month of regular blogging and I feel so happy knowing people are actually enjoying what I write; it is such an achievement for me. I have learnt so much.

To celebrate this and as a big thank you to all my lovely readers I have decided to hold a giveaway. I have decided to give 1 lucky winner a MAC lipstick of their choice. I know how most people enjoy MAC so I felt this was a very appropriate prize.

I will be running this 100 follower giveaway through Rafflecopter, the only mandatory fields are that you follow my blog through GFC and Bloglovin’.

This is a UK only giveaway unfortunately. Under 16’s please ask a parent or guardians permission as I will need your address to post you the prize. The giveaway closes on the 1st of September.

And that’s it! Good Luck everyone :)

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

LUSH favourites!

I love Lush, as do most people. There is nothing more satisfying than a bubble bath after a long day. One of the main reasons I adore Lush so much is because the majority of the ingredients they use are natural. There items are also reasonably priced.

I will be making my usual visit to Lush very soon and every time I do I spend a good few minutes inspecting the website and the Lush newspaper. Today was no different so I thought I would compile a list of a few regular items I buy;

The Rockstar soap is a firm favourite of mine, it smells very similar to Candy Rock you get from the seaside. This sweet smelling soap contains vanilla pods which helps create the sweet aroma. If you have tried the Candy Cane bubble bar it smells very similar to that but slightly stronger. It lathers up very creamy and leaves your skin feeling smooth!

The first time I used this mask I requested a sample a while a go and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The Love Lettuce face mask consists mainly of seaweed gel, honey and almond oil, this softens and thoroughly moisturise the skin. This mask also exfoliates the face with almond shells and smells very clean and refreshing as it contains lavender. This mask makes your face glow a lot! Because of the nature of the product this face mask needs to be refrigerated and has a much shorter shelf life than the other products.

This was one of the first bath bombs I ever purchased from Lush; did I use it? Nope. I used all the bright coloured ones first for some reason. How wrong was I? This one is now my all time favourite. Lush Bath Bombs fizz up when placed in water, but interestingly some of the bath bombs contain real roses inside! This one in particular contains small fragments of cocoa butter which leaves your skin feeling super moisturised and refreshed. I absolutely love the smell of this product. It is also vanilla fragranced - even better!  I am not surprised this is one of Lush’s best sellers!

This huuugggeee bubble bar is oozing with black current goodness. It smells like Ribena, for real! Bubble bars are great because you can get more than one use from it, under a running tap just crumble a bit into the water. This particular bubble bar turns the water pink and foamy! It feels luxurious and moisturises the skin throughly. This aptly named product actually does what it suggests, it comforts and reassures you with the help of all the ingredients packed in it.

I thoroughly enjoy the Christmas products that come out, they always smell absolutely gorgeous! I would have to say the Christmas products are definitely my most favourite out of all the holiday collections! I am so excited to see what products they come out with this year.

Thats it for my ultimate favourites! I love trying out new products, please let me know which are your faves in the comments.

Sunday, 18 August 2013

10 sets of eyelashes for less than £1?!

Would you believe I purchased these eyelashes for less than £1 a box?! So that is less than £1 for 10 pairs of eyelashes. And all it took was a bit of browsing on eBay which I actually enjoy. (I love bargains, can you tell?!) 

These eyelash packs were found on either bidding listings or buy it now versions. They are superb quality and don’t look cheap at all in my opinion. There are many different styles and all its takes is a browse to find the right one for you be it natural or all out glamour!

Which set do you like? linky eBay eyelashes

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Blog headers and Templates

Hi everyone,

I am now taking commissions for blog and small shop headers and also blog layouts. Headers are fully personalised to your needs and requirements. Blog headers are only £2.50 installed for free if required!

I also take custom template orders, which are only £12 installed for free.

Here are a few examples; 

Or headers with more images-

Blog designs-

The pre made templates are available on my Etsy shop.

If you are interested in purchasing a blog header/template or for full price list and any other questions please don’t hesitate to contact me on

Monday, 12 August 2013

Veggy Stuffed Pepper!

I’ve been enjoying cooking these last few weeks and my all time favourite has got to be stuffed peppers!

I didn’t follow a set recipe for this so it was all a guessing game really. All you need is some peppers, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms and mashed potatoe. You can chose to either grill or fry your pepper just until its soft. Whilst you do that fry the onions, mushrooms and tomatoes in oil, add salt and pepper and then mix it together with your mashed potatoe. Then pop it into the pepper and add some grated cheese on the top.


Let me know if you try this recipe? 

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Maybelline The Falsies Mascara review

A mascara that makes it appear like as if you are wearing false lashes?! Yes please!

Have you ever gone through the phase of applying false lashes everyday just because you liked the way they looked? I have, and I didn’t enjoy it, just too much hassle. Well look no further because this Maybelline The Falsies volume mascara will provide you with that ‘look’ and it’s only £7.99.

With the added extra of gorgeous lace effect packaging this Maybelline the Falsies mascara gives your lashes great length and because of the brilliantly designed curved brush it also thickens the lashes at the roots. I have repurchased this mascara a few times because it is definitely my ‘go-to’ mascara. I have the colour ‘Black Drama’ which is an intense black. 

This Maybelline mascara does not flake it is also fairly quick drying and not clumping at all. It separates your lashes effectively whilst making them appear longer and fuller.

Available to purchase here.

Have you ever tried this mascara? 

Monday, 5 August 2013

VITA LIBERATA tanning kit!

My last tanning post seemed to be quite popular so I thought I would write up about another tanning product I have come across. I was recently contacted by Vita Liberata to review a few products of my choice, I chose the tanning mousse in medium and the illuminating skin finish in gold.

The actual tanner is a mousse formally which ensures even application and distribution. I actually like the smell of this one, it smells very similar to biscuits. 

The illuminating finish moisturiser is a thick cream packed with golden shimmers which is a must have for after tanning! It accentuates your tan and also contains an SPF of 25 which is perfect.

The results?! The application was simple and easy, make sure you exfoliate before hand. Because I am tan already there wasn’t that much of a dramatic difference in terms of colour, I feel I should have gone for the dark version. My skin did however look a lot more even toned and slightly more bronzed. The illuminating skin finish eventuated this so I did see some results atleast. I am happy with the result and I will be making a cheeky order of the darker version soon! 

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Pineapple juice in a pineapple cup!

Summer is here and there is nothing better than having a refreshing drink to cool you down.
I have been spending a lot of my time on Pintrest looking for inspiration for a revitalising drink and I came across a lot of pineapple juice cups!

I made my own non alcoholic version and it tasted so good!

All I did was cut the top off, scoop out all the pineapple and then pop it into a blender! This is super healthy because it is 100% pineapple juice. Leave it in the fridge for a few hours and then sit out in the sun and enjoy!

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