Pineapple juice in a pineapple cup!

Summer is here and there is nothing better than having a refreshing drink to cool you down.
I have been spending a lot of my time on Pintrest looking for inspiration for a revitalising drink and I came across a lot of pineapple juice cups!

I made my own non alcoholic version and it tasted so good!

All I did was cut the top off, scoop out all the pineapple and then pop it into a blender! This is super healthy because it is 100% pineapple juice. Leave it in the fridge for a few hours and then sit out in the sun and enjoy!


  1. Ah this looks insane. I had a drink like this in Camden a few years ago-brings back memories haha
    Lucia's Loves

    1. Tastes great doesn’t it! I love it x

  2. this looks absolutely delicious!
    I bet it would taste even better with malibu!


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