VITA LIBERATA tanning kit!

My last tanning post seemed to be quite popular so I thought I would write up about another tanning product I have come across. I was recently contacted by Vita Liberata to review a few products of my choice, I chose the tanning mousse in medium and the illuminating skin finish in gold.

The actual tanner is a mousse formally which ensures even application and distribution. I actually like the smell of this one, it smells very similar to biscuits. 

The illuminating finish moisturiser is a thick cream packed with golden shimmers which is a must have for after tanning! It accentuates your tan and also contains an SPF of 25 which is perfect.

The results?! The application was simple and easy, make sure you exfoliate before hand. Because I am tan already there wasn’t that much of a dramatic difference in terms of colour, I feel I should have gone for the dark version. My skin did however look a lot more even toned and slightly more bronzed. The illuminating skin finish eventuated this so I did see some results atleast. I am happy with the result and I will be making a cheeky order of the darker version soon! 


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    1. It was a pretty good product! I will be opting for the darker one next time! x


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