Two Oh One Six

Oh hey, nice to meet you again. 

As cheesy as it sounds, I actually cannot believe 2016 is upon us - where has the year gone. I feel like it was just yesterday that I was sitting down and writing my 2015 goals.

2015. What a year...
I set myself a few blog related goals at the start of last year and whilst I did achieve a few, I failed so badly on others, mainly my blog. I actually feel pretty cut up about it sometimes. My blog took such a back seat this year and whilst I did achieve so many cool things in general life, I do sometimes feel like I've neglected this fun hobby that I had.

Blogging in 2015 went up a good few levels - no longer do we long for crisp white surfaces and wide scaled horizontal photographs... it's all about the marble and vertical flat-lays. I joke, I joke. But, on a serious note though, I totally felt out of my depth. I need to get over this thing I have with my blog photos, I am too over concious about them not being 'good enough'.

Blog designing is going really well too, I have one particular premade template that keeps selling out which is amazing. Working with bloggers to achieve the perfect blog design that suits thier needs is just lovely. 

Actual life has been pretty good.  I had a few rubbish years prior to 2015 and honestly thought it would be the same for last year, but it was anything but. I have honestly had one of the best years of my life, I truly feel so blessed. I started last year with one main goal and that was to make use of opportunities around me and be more confident in everything I do - in MH talk, just stop over thinking everything and start living. I came across this quote at the start of 2015, "Stop thinking and start doing. Worrying doesn't do much to a person other than waste the time they have." I know it's easier said than done, but I honestly feel like a switch had been flicked in my brain after reading that. Yes, ofcourse not every day was perfect, but on the whole I did so many things I had always wanted to do last year, granted some of the things were probarbly insignificant to some, but to me they were pretty huge. I had such a great year and hope 2016 is the same!

Honestly, if you are in the same position as me then believe me when I say it does get better. Take baby steps, do things you've always had you heart set on. By doing that you slowly but surely break down the wall you had surrounding yourself.

I didn't anticipate this post would be so long. I just want to finish with a huge thank you to those who have stuck by me. I am really going to try my best to post on my blog more often in 2016 - I have a shiny new blog design and have also invested in a domain so hopefully this encourages me!

Happy new year - make some memories!


I read each and every comment! Thank you for taking the time to read my blog ♡

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