A little beauty wish list

Seventeen - Mini lip gloss set  £6.00
Ted Baker - Magnificently Manicured  £14.00
Sleek Makeup - eye and cheek palette £9.99
Hannah Maggs - The Henley £19.95
Ghost Girl - Eau de Toilette  30ml/£32.00
Real Techniques - Nic’s Picks £25.40

Oh hello there! I thought I would write up a little beauty post today. I can't remember the last time I bought something completely new that I hadn't tried before. I feel like this year, I have either been trying to use up the copious amounts of makeup I already own, or I've been repurchasing all time faves I have used up and needed to replace.

First we have the Seventeen lip gloss set, a relatively new brand to the UK. I love the look of this set, it's a great way of trying out different shades. Next up, I've picked the Ted Baker, manicure set these colours are perfect for me as I prefer nuder shades, I just think they look more classy. Perfect for this season too! I actually don't already own a Sleek palette, I know, shock horror! I love the look of this one as you have the option of cheeks shades as well as eyeshadows. I've been following Hannah Maggs for a good while now and absolutely love this makeup bag - shame it's always out of stock! I will need to be quicker. Second to last is the new Ghost Girl fragrance. I actually got a sample of this when placing a Boots order last month and I absolutely love the smell. I don't particularly like floral scents, but this one has a hint of muskiness to it <3 Finally a new set of Real Techniques brushes. I have been using Sam's picks ever since I got them so these would make a great addition.

I'm looking to revitalise my makeup collection with some new bits so if you have any favourites just now, then please do let me know! My makeup collection is looking a bit sorry for itself, and I'm getting pretty bored of using the same products all the time.


  1. The eye and cheek palette looks fantastic! I am also liking the look of the Ted Baker nail set
    These are some great beauty picks
    Gabby ~www.wildishly.com

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment! x

  2. Love the look of the mini lip gloss set!


    1. It's really great, isn't it :)

  3. The Sleek palette looks like it would be so good! This is a good list :)

  4. Those nail polish shades are gorgeous!
    Charlotte // charlottespicks.blogspot.com

  5. I was given that Real Technique brush set for christmas last year and can say it is so so worth getting!

    Eilidh from Velvet Winter

  6. Hannah Maggs makeup bags always catch my eye, they are so pretty! I really should order myself one as my current makeup bag is looking a little tired! xx

    Bethan Likes


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