My MAC blush palette

Low and behold my MAC blusher palette, Breezy on the left and Plum Foolery on the right.
I put together this little palette sometime last year I think, did I use it? Hardly. I even had it up for sale until very recently I realised these colours are perfect for a/w.

Breezy on the left is a deep plum shade with slight shimmer, Plum foolery on the right is a peachy plum shade with shimmer too.

There is no doubt about the pigmentation, MAC blushers are known for their great pigmentation but I think I wasn’t using it as much was because I have been leaning towards peach shades more recently?

Do you have any MAC blush suggestions I could add to this palette?


  1. I never used any mac makeup before... although I have heard a lot of good things about them. Maybe I should give it a try ! These colors look lovely <3

    1. If I was to recommend a product it was most definitely be a blusher! The majority of them are super pigmented with great colour pay off. :)


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