REVIEW: Cocoa Brown 1 hour tan £7.99

A 1 hour tanning mousse that actually gives great results!

I had read so many good reviews about the Cocoa Brown 1 hour tanning mousse that it was silly not to try it! Aptly named the Cocoa Brown tan was created by award winning Melissa Carter who started her own business at just 21.

This tanner is a mousse which I would say is the easiest and will give you a faultless application for a majority of the time. The packaging is also very girly with the bright pink! Unlike other mousse tanners I have tried the Cocoa Brown tan mousse’s consistency is actually quite thick; it’s not just foam. I feel this helps provide a much smoother application.

I applied mine with a tanning mitt - I would recommend working in small areas as the skin absorbs it really quickly. This tan works in layers so depending on the colour you are wanting you would go over the area again. I applied two layers and you can see the results!

Unlike most tans the Cocoa Brown tan doesn’t have the typical ‘biscuity’ smell. It actually is floral scented. Now i’m personally quite sensitive to floral scented products so i did sneeze quite a bit but would I put up with that for the impressive results? Yes, I would indeed! At £7.99 how can you turn down a product that has such great results.

Cocoa Brown tan has recently launched in Superdrug, also sold at Primark, you can view the full range here-


  1. Ah, I keep hearing such good things about this tan! It's the one you can get in Primark too, isn't it? 1 hour is definitely impressive :)

    Claire from Stylingo xx

  2. I have never heard about tanning mouse before, thanks for sharing it <3


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