Graze - Free Nibble box!

A while ago now the Graze box was the hype around the bloggersphere. I didn’t take any notice of it until the other day I thought to myself Why Not?! I am on a junk food ban so the Graze box is a fantastic alternative also especially if you are super indecisive when it comes to food shopping like me.

My first box was free with a code I found online: WIN! In each box you get 4 items from a selection of well over 50. When I went onto the website I had the option of choosing what I like, love would try or would bin and then with that in mind the people over at Graze sent a selection! I am so happy with the variety of products I received.

The Pitted Olives with Harrisa are fiery and super tasty. I thoroughly enjoyed the Herby bread basket it had all my favourites; little garlic croutons, miniature basil bread sticks and mini rice crackers! Best of all the pot was only 90 calories. In my box I also received Cheesy crisps with a chilli tomato dip, so good! And last but not least sweet popcorn, which I am saving as I have heard its very good!

Graze do a selection of little ‘treats’ from seeds to whole fruit, olives, flapjacks, dips etc but they have now expanded their range to miniature puddings too! The also cater for dietary requirements.

You can sign up for a weekly, fortnightly or a monthly box and it is only £3.89 per box with free delivery! You can cancel at any time which is also great.

I am so excited to receive my next box! If you would like a free box feel free to go over to the website and type in my code ALYL973LP to get your first box free! You can also get your fifth box free if you subscribe for longer.


  1. Great post Aly! Sounds tasty, might order a box soon!

    1. thank you! Better than snacking on chocolate!

  2. It looks really nice.... I want to try it too, but too bad it's for UK only...'


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