LUSH Sugar Lip Scrub review

Do you have a sweet tooth? This product might serve you a dual purpose…

The LUSH sugar lip scrub is a product I have been using for over a year now. I have never come across anything like it. This lip scrub titled ‘Sweet Lips’ contains vanilla and chocolate flavouring and as soon as you open it this is quite evident. As well as containing all natural ingredients it is also suitable for vegans. The idea behind this lip scrub is that it does just that, scrubs all the dead skin off your lips and leaves the super smooth and moisturised. But the extra treat this encloses is that it is edible. yummy!

The LUSH sugar lip scrub retails at £5.25 for 25g. This little jar will last you many many months as you only need the smallest amount. 

Available to purchase at LUSH.


  1. Love LUSH's lipscrubs, they're genuinely good enough to eat! xx

    1. You’re right! I want to try the bubblegum one now haha x

  2. Have you tried any others to compare?
    I've never tried a lip scrub before but really want to start using one.

    oOo Becky oOo

    1. I’ve tried homemade ones but I felt they were quite harsh. I absolutely love this LUSH lip scrub it works wonders and lasts for ages. I have the Bubblegum version on my list of things to buy. I think you’d love it x


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