AVON superSHOCK gel eyeliner review

I am totally loving this AVON Supershock gel eyeliner this year - I came across it through a you tuber then ordered it instantly giving into the hype. It is one of their best-selling eyeliners. I found it to be the creamiest eyeliner I have ever tried out and boy I have tried ALOT of eyeliners! (I counted up my black eyeliners, I had 36 - slightly worrying right?!)

It applies very opaque, the colour pay off is what you want in an eyeliner; it is a very intense black shade. I prefer to use it for my waterline but you can also use it for winged liner. It is such an intense colour and makes your eyes pop! AVON also has this eyeliner in other shades so its worth a look, I am loving the aqua shade perfect for summer!

The eyeliner is half price just now at only £3 which is an absolute bargain!

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  1. Ohhhh 36 eyeliners?! Girl you need to go to rehab haha. I have quite a few aswell. Avon products are actually quite reliable and affordable too. Im deffo going to look into this when my urban decay one runs out :)

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