Summer Foundations: Drugstore & High-end

It’s a lovely day here in the land of the scots! Makes a change!!

Today I thought I would write about my two favourite summer foundations. I’m more of an eyeliner and mascara kinda gal, but there are some days when you need a bit more coverage. I have very sensitive skin so it takes a lot of time to find one that actually suits my skin. Thankfully, the two foundations I mix between at the moment have never caused me to have a break out. Phew!

    Starting off with my favourite drugstore/highstreet foundation…

The GOSH Natural touch foundation is a very light formula. It retails at £8.99 for a standard 30ml bottle and is exclusive to Superdrug at present. I brought the colour 44 Golden, which is slightly too dark for me but it works fine with a lighter coloured powder over the top. It has the ability of looking invisible on the skin whilst still providing a flawless, airbrushed finish. This foundation also contains  moisturising properties aswell as vitamins to nourish the skin; which sounds almost like a tinted moisturiser but this provides ALOT more coverage.

                        The foundation itself comes in a pump which is great as you only need the smallest amount, a pump prevents waste and is also more hygienic. The foundation also includes an SPF of 8 which is ideal for the summer months. This foundation provides a light, very dewy finish to the skin, but if you prefer a matt look you could pop on a mattifying powder over the top. I apply this foundation with a brush and my fingers, it works well either ways. It has great staying power, if powdered it will last you a good 12 hours! Its great for the summer months as it is very light i highly recommend this foundation to anyone who wants coverage but isn’t really a fan of wearing foundation. You can’t feel this on the skin at all. Its great.
GOSH Natural Touch Foundation can be purchased via Superdrug for £8.99: Superdrug Website

Onto the next more expensive foundation, low and behold the much raved about CHANEL VITALUMIÈRE AQUA. 
 I absolutely love this foundation, its so luxurious! The CHANEL VITALUMIÈRE AQUA is once again a has a very light consistency (notice the theme). It is water based so its perfect for people with oily skin as it shouldn’t really slip off. There are mixed review about this foundation and some people say it isn’t really worth the hype. I think its a lovely foundation. It retails at £32 for a standard 30ml bottle. I love the packaging, it has the Chanel logo on the lid.

Before each application the bottle needs a good shake as it does tend to separate. As with the other foundation you only need the smallest amount, in this foundation especially a little goes a long way. As with the GOSH foundation this also has the ability of feeling invisible on the skin whilst still providing great coverage. The product is slightly scented and this might be a deterrent for some people, but i hardly notice it and I’m the the of person who gets headaches straight away. The only downside to this foundation is there is very limited colours; they only have 6. I was lucky enough to get a perfect match but it would be great if Chanel came out with a wider range. This foundation provides a dewy finish, there are very small summery particles in it which helps provide the glowy texture. It also has an SPF of 15 which is great, but what i have noticed with this foundation is with flash photography it doesn’t work in your favour; the foundation looks white! To counter this problem just pop on a powder closely matching the colour of your foundation. If you are looking for a light foundation with flawless coverage this foundation is a great all rounder, perfect for when buying someone a present too as it comes packaged very nicely!

This foundation can be purchased from Debenhams at £32, free postage online! Debenhams website

Thank you for reading my post, please let me know what your favourite summer foundation is, i would love to try out more!


  1. I love that gosh foundation the lightest shade isn't light enough for me but I love the formula and how it works on the skin :)

    Jamie-Lee | Glitter Infatuation | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog!

    1. thank you so much for your comment, i agree! I think they both could do with expanding their colour range x


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