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I have somehow unintentionally seemed to have accumulated quite a lot of nail polishes, of the George @ Asda variety. At £1- £1.75 (6ml) who wouldn't? Here are a few that I think would be perfect for this season!

Cloudless Sky/Jeopardy/Cupcake/Be Mine/Gnome/Freedom

George at ASDA recently revamped there beauty section.These nail polishes are such good quality, they have the nicest consistency and excellent colour pay off. A lot of the new nail polishes are also marketed as quick drying. They do in actual fact dry in about 30 seconds which is great if you are in a hurry. What you see is what you get, the colour you can see in the bottle is exactly the colour you will get on your nails. The consistency is not too thick nor too thin, it is easy to apply. For some of these colours you only need 1 coat, for the lighter shades 2 may be required.

They have the most beautiful colours in the range, i am highly impressed! £1 for a top quality nail polish?! Fab!

You can purchase these nail polishes over at the Asda website or instore! Asda Website

Have you ever tried Asda nail polishes? What did you think? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. I love the colour of that green, always looking out for a new green. Did you find they lasted a long time? A quick drying nail polish would be appreciated. I always mess mine, even an hour after painting them, they're still delicate!

    Leigh xx

    1. They dry super quick, haha I’m the same mine always smudge. I’ve had no problems with these though. The green is lovely, very utilitarian x

    2. Think I'll be doing the shop with my Mam this week! Definitely fancy some of these :) xx

  2. How pretty! Be mine and gnome look fab!
    I have one and i love it.

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  3. Be Mine is such a lovely colour! Just came across your blog, love it! New follower right here ;) xxx

    1. It sure is! Awh thank you so much! I will have a wee nosy of your blog too x


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