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Feels like I haven’t wrote a post in ages! Its been a few weeks i think.

I was going through my makeup bag today and saw my £12 blush quad and thought why not write a wee post about it. Fashionista is a brand solely selling beauty products for Superdrug. Each individual blush retails at £4 each and they have tons of them, a variety of eyeshadows too! You can also buy an empty quad for £5. But, if you were to buy 4 blushers/eyeshadows with the quad it would only cost you £12 rather than £21! So you would be saving a whopping £9! So essentially, you are buying 3 blushers and getting 1 blusher free as well as a free quad with a massive mirror inside it! Woo!

These blushers are potentially the best I have ever used; the formula, pigmentation, colour pay off and longevity are all to be applaud! I would go so far as to saying better than MAC and at a fraction of the price £10 - its a steal! With each blush you are getting 2.5g worth of product, which will last you for months! Its a great quad to take with you when you travel as well. Its the perfect size!

A little goes a long way with this product, because it is super pigmented you only lightly need to dab it with a brush. There are a variety of blushers;

Here are the colours i picked out,
L-R Glowing, Cinnamon, London, Flush

The colour pay off is really good, i highly recommend buying the whole palette; you will definitely love it! They also do eyeshadows in the same format. I know for sure i will be buying another palette, maybe neutral eyeshadows?

Thanks for reading! Please let me know of any makeup bargains you have come across!


  1. i like those blushers- you can check out my blog at

    1. they are great! Your blog is great too, i will follow it!

  2. I love those blushes so much. and your blogs really great

    check out my blog i recently did a blog post on cheap products available from superdrug xox

    1. I loe the blushers too! thank you x

  3. I've been looking at these for a while and now I am soo getting the colour Flush next time I go into superdrug!

  4. Wow I have never tried these blushers, although they look really fab! Which one would you say is your all time favourite?xx
    I am going to follow you blog, a follow back from you would be much appreciated if you like my blog hehe!
    Thankyou xxx

    1. Thank you for your comment! I love them all, but i use Cinnamon the most :)

      Thank you so much for following my blog, i have just had a look at yours, it is lovely! Love the layout and detailing! Followed for sure x


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