Wishlist: Summer lovin'

River Island - Purple V neck shirt (£12.00)
Newlook - Floral Bomber Jacket (£10.00)
Newlook - White floral print dress (£15.00)
JD Williams - Maxi dress (£25.00)
River Island - Gold tone sunglasses (£10.00)
ASOS - Jazzlyn Espadrilles (£12.00)

The warm weather here up North has made me realise how very impractical the clothes in my wardrobe are. It's no secret that I much prefer Autumn over the other three but when you are faced with temperatures up 24C in your home city and are in a puzzle over what to wear that's when you know you need to go shopping! Above I have listed a few pieces of clothing I have my eye on and some I have already purchased. I think it's important to purchase clothes that could be worn throughout the year where possible and hopefully, some of the items I have listed above will help me meet that goal.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, Summer is almost over but for now lets make the most of it :)

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