For the majority of last year I was on a spending ban - I’ll be honest and say that it was really difficult. This year however my savviness has gone up a notch after discovering the website LoveSales. This way I can essentially buy what I want whilst make a saving too ... so my purchases are now totally justifiable, right?

Lovesales is a website where you can save items you are currently lusting over to a board, a bit like Pinterest but the added feature is that you will be notified when said item goes on sale. This allows you to save some money! 

I absolutely love this concept and have already added so many items to my ‘watch list’. I have in the past tried to find a similar website to no avail. By using Lovesales I am able to collate everything I want on one site rather than bookmarking everything. The website is well organised and easy to navigate through which is an added bonus.
If you don’t want to add items in yourself you can use the site to see their top picks, all the items are from popular stores and the discounts vary from 25% - 75%!

Have you used Lovesales before? What do you think about the concept?

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  1. This looks so good, going to head over there now!

    Hannah Rose

  2. This looks amazing!!! xx

    Abi |


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