Baking: white chocolate and pecan mug cake

I have been wanting to bake a ‘mug cake’ for quite some time now and recently they have been dotted all over the internet. Mug cakes are single serving cakes made in the microwave in around 1-2 minutes. 

There are quite a few variations on the internet and as somebody who doesn’t eat regular milk chocolate finding a recipe with only white chocolate was a little tricky... I managed to make a White Chocolate and Pecan mug cake through adapting some other recipes online, this cake I suppose may also be known as a ‘blondie’ (the opposite of a brownie)

So let me tell you the recipe:

3 table spoons self raising flour
2 table spoons sugar
1/2 table spoon vegetable oil
3 table spoons milk
3 squares of white chocolate
1 tablespoon of chopped pecans

In a microwavable mug mix together all the try ingredients, then add the oil and milk and finally add in the white chocolate and pecans. Microwave for around 50 seconds (950 watt). For the top I melted a little more white chocolate and decorated it with some sprinkles!

This cake is so simple to make, I was apprehensive about how it was going to turn out but it actually tastes pretty good! Imagine making lots of different ones at the one time, I would probably end up eating them all. 

Let me know if you give this a try or if you have heard of this before?


  1. this sounds amazing! I'm terrible at baking but think even I could manage this which is a bonus haha. Your photos are stunning :) x

    1. Awh thank you so much Stacey, what a lovely comment x

  2. I haven't made a mug cake before, I will have to give a go x

    Heather | The Veggie Kitchen x

  3. Replies
    1. It was yummy - so easy to make too!

  4. I love, love, love mug cakes! We used to make them all the time at uni, such an easy little treat! This one looks absolutely gorgeous, it's probably a blessing in disguise that we don't have a microwave!

    Tweet xx

    1. I’ve already made it a few more times since then. Diet has officially gone out the window - oops!


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