Zoella Beauty review

The first blog I ever followed all those years ago was that of Zoe’s from Zoella. So when she announced she was releasing a line of bath products I was intrigued. I ordered a few things the day they launched online as I just couldn’t wait.

First the packaging. I absolutely adore the packaging. Like many others have already said it just shouts Zoella. The packaging has been designed with her blog in mind, lace detailing and the same cursive font which she has on her blog header. The packaging also consists of her two favourite colours, orange and rose gold. It looks like a lot of time was spent on the packaging which is great.

Secondly the scent, as a lover of fruity scents I was initially apprehensive about trying the range. Zoe went for a floral fragrance overall with slight hint of sweet. I can't imagine how hard it must have been for her to chose a scent that everyone likes.

Blissful Mistful, fragranced body mist. 45ml/£8
This was the first thing I placed in my basket. I have been looking for an ‘everyday’ body mist for a while and this definitely fits the bill. Aside from the packaging being gorgeous I absolutely love the scent, unlike a lot of the other items in the range this doesn’t smell as over powering. It smells very fresh with light floral tones. This is something I can honestly see myself repurchasing.

Creamy Madly Dreamy, body lotion. 160ml/£5
The lotion is more of a cream and is really moisturising. It absorbs well into the skin. It contains Vitamin E, Aloe and Shea Butter extracts. The scent for me is a little too strong unfortunately, so I have stopped using it.

Let’s Glow, fragranced candle. £5
I was really excited about trying this candle out, like the others the packaging is adorable. It looks so chic. The scent for me is too over powering again. It smells very florally and artificial.

Soak Opera, bath soak & shower cream. 490ml/£5
I love this product, it can be used in the shower or the bath and is priced very well along with the rest of the items. The scent is floral but very subtle which is great for me. It lathers up really well and is very moisturising with the Vitamin E, Aloe and Shea Butter extracts. 

Overall, the packaging is beautiful and I love the range of products Zoe has released, a little different to makeup. The pricing is great, I imagine its affordable because of the main target audience - young teens. The items are priced at £5 or £8. But unfortunately the scent for me is a little too strong on a few of the products. I can however see myself repurchasing the body mist as it is quite subtle compared to the rest.

The range has been selling often online and in store but you can look for them on Feel Unique or Superdrug. I prefer and have linked Superdrug as delivery is free if you spend over £10! 

Have you purchased any of the ZoellaBeauty items, or are you going to?


  1. Great review, I really want to purchase the makeup bags!

    Hannah Rose

  2. While the design is cute enough there's nothing in the line that really speaks out to me :( It's sad because I do like Zoe
    x J

  3. Such a pretty range, i want to pick up the fizz bar!
    xprincessjas | ♥

  4. I really want to try some of these products, especially the candle! I know you've said the scent is quite overpowering but I'm a massive fan of strong floral-y scents!


  5. if you don't like the overpowering scent you might like to try the bath fizzers, they aren't as strong and they smell really fresh, plus you can add more or as little as you want that might be a better option :) x


  6. The scent of these soud right up my street and I love the cute packaging! Really want to try out the bath soak and the fizz bar x


  7. I want to try the bath fizzer and candle so much! Lovely post and photo! Abi :)

  8. I was so excited about this range too. I think the body mist sounds really nice and I'm glad the items are so affordable. Will deffo have to purchase something out of this range at some point :)

    Yazmin xx

  9. I've seen a lot of hype surrounding the Zoella stuff. I really want to try the bathfizzer but that's about it. It all feels a little Soap&Glory-ish. It's a shame you weren't keen, but least you liked the body mist though!


  10. All of these products would be lovely to use for a pampering session! ^ w ^



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