A festive lush haul...

Lush launched their festive products the other day; halloween, bonfire night and christmas! I couldn’t help but make a small purchase and opted for some limited edition and all year round favourites. I love buying things from Lush, they make your whole room smell lovely.

I usually place a huge online order around this time of the year and that lasts for a year but I thought I would only buy a few things this time and then make purchases throughout the year. 

I won’t bother listing all the ingredients because I don’t want to bore you so I will just tell you my thoughts of each and will link to their site too.

So White, shower gel. £4.50/100g (limited edition)
Last year I purchased countless amounts of the So White bath ballistic, it is my ultimate favourite. This year they introduced a shower gel form too, so I opted for that instead. The So White products smell like green apples, quite crisp. The shower gel contains a little shimmer, nothing noticeable. I can’t help but want to buy some more So White bath ballistics, they are plain white and don’t do anything to the water but the smell is lovely!

It’s Raining Men, shower gel. £4.50/100g
This is another favourite of mine which I have used so many times. This shower gel smells of honey and is quite moisturising. It is advertised as being suitable to use on the hair too but I found it quite drying. I don’t normally like honey scented products but because this one is quite sweet smelling it’s more preferable to me.

Candy Mountain, bubble bar. £2.75 (limited edition)
If you like sweet smells, similar to that of candy floss then this is something you will love. The Candy Mountain bubble bar is designed to be melted underneath tap water, the smell is similar to that of Rockstar soap. It smells of sweets.

Butter Bear, bath bomb. £1.95
This is a newbie for me, I have heard so much about Butterball and they are quite similar apparently. Again this doesn’t do anything exciting but it does contain cocoa butter which moisturises your skin. There is a very subtle vanilla fragrance too!

Cinders, bath bomb. £2.50 (limited edition)
I stocked up on these last year! The Cinders bath bomb is quite spicy; it smells very festive. The Cinnamon notes really stand out along with hints of orange. The popping candy sprinkled over the top make a cute addition.

Think Pink, bath bomb. £2.65
This is another newbie, the pink bath bomb leaves all the water white as well as small bits of confetti. I love the style of this bath bomb, the vibrant pink is offset by the 3 cute little flowers in the center. The scent is that of vanilla and caramel; it smells cosy and comforting. 

Rockstar, soap. £3.40/100g
My all time favourite soap from Lush, I have lost count of how many times I have purchased this, that’s how much I love it! The soap smells identical to Candy floss, very sugary and thoroughly moisturising. It also lathers very nicely. 

Vanillary, solid perfume. £7
This is the first time I am trying one of their perfumes, I opted for the solid perfume version which was the cheapest at £7 for 12g but they do sell it bottled. I love vanilla scented things and thought this would be great to wear o a daily basis. I am a little unsure on the scent, it smells a bit like play dough and doesn’t last more than about 40 minutes on the skin. I don’t know if this is because it was a solid perfume, might have to pop in store and see the bottled version.

So thats that. It feels like proper Autumn now that the Lush goodies have arrived! Have you placed a Lush order?


  1. I picked up Butter Bear the other day, it's gorgeous! I really want to try Candy Mountain and Cinders too x

  2. I loved Candy Mountain last year! Definitely going to buy a new one this year. I also love their solid perfumes, I have Karma and it lasts for hours!

    Lauren x

  3. I love lush products, everytime i walk past the shop i have to go in! I have tried the Chocolate Fask Mask from there and its amazing! x
    Emma | Emmys Blog

  4. I have really developed a huge love for Lush recently. I think it's because I've seen quite a few posts about all the new products in Lush. They look so beautiful and really christmassy. I can't wait to pop in and have a look.
    The little butter bear bath bomb looks so cute. I haven't seen that one on anyone's posts :).

  5. You reminded me I need to pop into Lush to pick up some bath bombs. Love that pink one with flowers :)

    Speaking Beauty UK

  6. So many lovely stocking fillers - the buterball is one of my favourite products so I can't wait to try the butter bear. Aparently they're also bringing out advent calender too! ♡

    Roxie x

    1. I saw a post on the advent calendar, its around £50. A little too steep for me so I might give that a miss x

  7. I want all of this! I always use these as stocking stuffers at Christmas!


  8. Can't wait to get my hands on the new christmas stuff!

    Hannah Rose

  9. These products look so good, I'm definitely going to buy some of these!
    Your blog is lovely- your theme is beautiful and your posts are all so interesting!
    Phoebe - thoughtsfromphoebe.blogspot.com xxxx

    1. Awh thank you for your lovely comment :)

  10. Ooh wow everything looks amazing, I really need to go to Lush asap!
    alice xo | beautybyalicee

  11. I recently used the Think Pink bath bomb and I loved it! The new Christmas collection looks gorgeous, there's so many things I wanna buy from it and one of them is the Butterbear you have also selected. The solid perfume is really interesting, I had no idea they did that, but I must check it out next time! x

    Beauty with charm | TOOFACED GIVEAWAY

  12. the think pink bath bomb is one of my faves! You can definitely never have too many lush products.. especially in autumn/winter when lush baths are an essential! x


    1. Haha, I feel like it is official A/W now the LUSH goods are in :)

  13. I neeeed to get the So White shower gel. The bath bomb has been my favourite for years.
    Imogen’s Typewriter. <3

  14. A fantastic haul! I love Candy Mountain so much :)

    Sian | Siân Marie Beauty

  15. Love the look of everything, cannot wait to get into the store and pick up a few bits. You've definitely sold me on So White will have to try that out for sure x

    Jordan | Keep Dreaming ♥

  16. Great haul, I love Lush shower gels!

  17. I would love to try Vanillary perfume because I'm a really big fan of vanilla too :)

    Victoria ♥

  18. Everything at Lush looks so pretty, I'm going to have to pick up a few bits this Christmas.


  19. Definitely want to pick up So White and the Butter Bear!

    Mel // izzipenelope

  20. I need a lush haul of my own!


  21. Rockstar has been my favourite soap from Lush for the longest time! ^ - ^


  22. I definitely need to pick up the candy mountain bubble bar and the rockstar soap - I love the sweet selling products from Lush!




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