Wishlist 5: ebay edition

lilac satchel bag cheap ebay wish list post blog review ted baker pink case yankee candle white chocolate mint celfie celine tee shirt diary planner journal eyelash cardigan jumper crop top
pink crop top | planner/journal |  celfie tee | ted baker phone case | satchel | white chic & mint candle

I’ve not posted a wish list in a while, I’m hoping to post one every month now because you seem to like them, plus I always have a list of things to buy - makes sense. 

The pink eyelash cardigan is something I’ve wanted for a while, Primark has a longer line one in store currently and I purchased that the other day, but I really want this one too. I’m so late on the bandwagon for these jumpers!  The planner/journal doesn’t look like much on this picture but on the listing it looks amazing! There are slots for you to store little papers in and it kind of doubles up as a scrapbook. I really need a new planner.  Celfie tee because why not. My ‘Celine’ t shirt is kind of overrated now.  I love this Ted Baker phone case, it’s pink and pretty.  Satchels are still big this season and theres something about this lilac colour and AW, I think it looks classy. It's in my basket.  I couldn’t not put a Yankee Candle in my basket. This white chocolate and mint candle is usually so hard to get a hold of. I remember burning this candle around this time last year. Nostalgia.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know your favourites!


  1. Love a lot of your wishlist! The journal sounds perfect, I just wish you could see more of it in the pictures. The satchel is so cute too, the colour is brilliant. I've never heard of that yankee candle scent before but it sounds amazing!
    Lauren | OhHay Blogs!

  2. Love the satchel! Such a cute color.

  3. I saw the Celfie t-shirt the other day, I love it! Ebay's such a good place for finding some interesting bargains.

  4. Gorgeous choices! I love the powder pinks and blues right now :) xx

    Breakfast @ Jillian's // Fashion + Life

  5. I love the colour of the satchel you picked out :)

  6. I love the satchel! I used a similar one in my outfit inspiration post the other day. It's just SUCH a gorgeous colour! xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle & Fashion

  7. Love everything you have picked out !. The ted baker phones cases are super cute !. Loving your color choices too. x

    Cait || http://caitrionatighe.blogspot.ie/

  8. Love the planner! That's exactly the kind of thing I would buy, the inside looks so cool.


  9. Ooh this wish list is lush! I really want that pink crop top, so cute!

  10. This is one beautiful wishlist! I love the colour of the satchel, it's stunning!


  11. I love that satchel! I've been looking for a larger bag in that exact colour, it's gorgeous xo

  12. Yankee Candle is my favorite, I love the smell of chocolate and mint.

  13. The satchel is soo cute! I've always wanted to try a Yankee Candle but I never end up buying them. How is the quality? x

    Ali | http://lilaclipstick.blogspot.ca


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