Anna Sui eye and lip palette

 I love palettes, I just find they make makeup application a lot easier as the colours in them usually complement each other. These two beauties are on half price at so only £14 each. I was kindly sent some to review.  I was instantly drawn to the palettes because of the lovely packaging, there is so much detail on the casing it really is beautiful. They are also very lightweight and boast 10 shades each which makes them perfect to travel with.

The Anna Sui eye palette features 10 wearable shades which range from satin, shimmer and matte shades; all of which are highly pigmented. I absolutely love this palette and I can see myself using all the colours. The shades are quite warm so this would be perfect for autumn and winter. You have a ton of options with this palette, from a dark smokey eye to something more subtle and neutral for the day. The palette also includes a double sided brush, I don’t care too much for the sponge but the eyeshadow brush is actually really good. It is quite dense yet still soft and picks up a lot of colour. The longevity is around 10 hours for me, I haven’t experienced any creasing. The shades in this palette make me so excited for Autumn!

I have been on the hunt for a lip palette for a while now so was excited to try this out. This Anna Sui Lip palette literally has all the colours you would ever need and then some because you can mix shades together to create something new. I didn’t know what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised, the formula is really creamy, like a cross between lipstick and a gloss. All the shades are very pigmented. They apply so nicely to lips and you only need to use the smallest amount. The only negative I would say is that it transfers really easily once on the lips, and that is due to their creamy consistency. A way I’ve come around that is to apply a thin tissue over the lips and then apply translucent powder over the top of it just to draw out the extra moisture. You are then left with a stain  on the lips but if you’d like it glossy just a apply a little of the clear shade over the top.

Overall I love these palettes and know I will get a lot of use out of them. At £14 each they are really affordable and the lip palette in particular is a staple everyone needs in their collection. Imagine travelling with just these two palettes, how light weight would your makeup bag be?

What are your thoughts on these palettes? Do you take individual items when traveling or a palette?


  1. These are gorgeous. I love Anna Sui perfumes & have had quite a few over the years. So excited they now have a makeup line. The packaging is pretty, I think I would get most use from the eyeshadow palette as Im not too adventurous when it comes to lips

    I really want to buy this pallete now! swatches look great!
    Thanks for the review x

  3. I love the look of the eyeshadow palette! I normally take individual items apart from my MAC eyeshadow palette of course :)

  4. Love the look of the shadow palette, such pretty shades!
    xprincessjas | ♥

  5. Not saw or heard of this brand before, they look very bright and pretty. :) - Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle blog x

  6. These both look really lovely. Haven't tried any Anna Sui products before so might have to make this my first purchase as they are half price! Thank you for your review :) xx

    Brenda |

  7. The packaging of these are so gorgeous, enough alone for me to buy them!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  8. Great shades!

    Annie |

  9. I've literally just seen these on another blog post and I can't get over the lovely shades!

  10. These colours look so nice. I really need a new palette but thinking of investing in the illamasqua one - it is a great set of colours

    Lucy x


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