Summer make up staples! Rodial Instaglam Skin tint + Glamstick

I like most people have changed up my makeup for the Summer. Most of us still want some coverage with foundation and a pretty lip colour but with the weather like this even the thought of wearing makeup makes me feel a little sickly. With the heat your makeup either slides off or gets excessively oily.

I was offered to try a few items from Rodial a while ago and because Summer was just around the corner then I thought it would be a great idea as I could let you guys know about it if it was any good. These two items have literally been all I’ve been utilising this Summer in terms of make up.

Rodial SPF30 instaglam Skin Tint 

I have tried out a fair few tinted moisturisers in my time and have noticed how picky I am to labelling one as my favourite. But this definitely is. The instaglam Skin tint is a tinted moisturiser which feels very lightweight on the skin. I personally also feel like there is some sort of built in primer in it as it evens out fine lines and makes your face appear really smooth. I was very impressed with the medium coverage it gave too. The application is also very easy, it applies just like a moisturiser so no need for brushes and perfect if you are rushing out the door in the mornings! Another positive is that this contains an SPF of 30 so it is ideal for this season in particular. The Skin tint comes in 3 other shades; mine is in 02. I love the dewy look it gives.
The only negative i’d have to say is that this retails at £45 so will definitely be a high end purchase but if you are looking for a good quality light weight tinted moisturiser which provides a brilliant coverage then this is definitely a winner!

Rodial SPF15 glamstick, Blow

I love lip tints so I was very excited to add this to my collection. The packaging itself is just beautiful it looks so classy. This is definitely the type of makeup you would have on display on your dresser. The glamstick comes in a lip stick form and applies like a lip butter. On application it instantly moisturises your lips, unlike some other brands this moisture lasts meaning your lips stay hydrated for longer. The colour I have is in Blow, it is such a pretty fuscia and the colour is intense. For a lip tint it leaves a lot of colour on the lips, I’d say similar to an actual lipstick, the longevity is a good few hours. 

The glamstick is highly pigmented and very moisturising on the lips and there are a few other shades which I now really want! But this again would be a high end purchase as it is priced at £25.

Overall aside from the big price tag the products themselves are of such good quality. 

What has your summer makeup consisted of?


  1. I love the shade of lipstick, I haven't used any Rodial products, I think it is time I have!

  2. I haven't bought Radial products before but I have looked at them - they look so lovely! The shade of lippie you have chosen is gorgeous!
    Love your blog :) x

    Brenda |

  3. I wish they would make more lip tints/ lipsticks with SPF. I love that the tinted moisturizer has SPF 30 though, that's a huge deciding factor for me! Great review :)

  4. This glamstick has become my go-to for summer, it's lovely and smells amazing! x


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