Real Techniques makeup brushes: Sam’s Picks Collection

I have been after a new set of makeup brushes for quite a while now so of course I spent ages looking through blog posts to find peoples favourites and must haves. Real Techniques is a brand that is always spoken about in the beauty world and until very recently I was potentially the only blogger who did not own any. 

A few weeks ago I reviewed my first set of Real Techniques brushes here and wasn’t impressed, (it was the mini trio) but recently I had a voucher to spend so after reading all of your comments on that post saying how the normal sized brushes were better I thought I would opt for these.

I thought the Sam’s picks Collection would be the best option for me just because it kind of contains everything I will need. Also five of the six brushes are already available, but the essential crease brush is exclusive to the set. 

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Real Techniques - Sam’s picks collection (£29.99 free del)

(from left to right) 

Multi task brush
- This brush is for powder, blushers and bronzer but I have mostly been using it for blusher and bronzer. This brush is the fluffiest brush I have ever come across, it is so soft but still quite dense. It applies an even layer of powder onto the skin and when used with a powder it blends it out perfectly.

Setting brush - This brush is used for setting makeup with powder. I use it for applying translucent powder under the eyes as well as dabbing it into my favourite highlighter to apply to the tops of cheekbones. The brush itself is super soft and fluffy once again.

Buffing brush - Ideal for powder and mineral foundation. This brush was one of the most recommended in my the comments section of the post mentioned above. This Summer I’ve opted for a tinted moisturiser for days I want coverage but usually mineral foundation is for me. This brush is firm and dense, it picks up just the right amount of powder and applies the best natural finish to the skin, it buffs out powder foundation to perfection.

Pointed foundation brush - The suggested use with this brush is with liquid foundation. This brush however is the only one I found to be a bit meh. It is dense but very thin and flat, I also don’t understand why it is pointed as opposed to the normal curved foundation brushes. I personally haven’t used this brush as much but would probably say size wise it might be more suitable for concealer. I prefer to use my hands for foundation and concealer application.

Essential crease brush - Suitable for contouring the eyes. This brush is a set exclusive. The brush is super soft and tapered, it is perfect for blending out crease work. I have also been using it to apply highlighter under the eyebrow.

Fine liner brush - For precise lines whilst using cream or liquid eyeliner. I have been using the same liquid eyeliner for years (re buying obvs, not the same one - that would be gross) so trying out another way to apply eyeliner was a bit daunting for me. The first time I utilised this fine brush I instantly thought it was a winner. I have used this with liquid and gel liners and both have worked fine. It creates thin and thick lines and is pretty easy to use as the handle has a grip on it.

The brushes are synthetic and I have washed them twice already and they haven’t shed. The are definitely good quality and well worth the price.

Overall I am very happy with the set. I have tossed away the majority of my old brushes and have just been using these and have found they are enough for daily use. I’m glad I didn’t give up on the brand after my last experience because these brushes definitely live up to hype that has been created around the blogging world!

Have you tried any Real Techniques brushes before? Any more I should try out?


  1. The setting & buffing brush are two of my fave RT brushes! I also love the expert face brush & the powder brush! (:

    L x // bloglovin'

  2. I totally love Real Techniques brushes. My fave one is the buffing brush for a more natural finish but I use it with liquid foundations. I wish it was sold separately! Glad you liked them too :)

    Yazmin xx

  3. Real Techniques are my favourite, especially their blush brush and expert face brush :) Glad you like them too!
    And I'm so glad I've stumbled across your blog, love it :)


  4. RT brushes are my all time fave, i love the buffing brush, blush brush and contour brush!
    xprincessjas | ♥


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