Nars Tender Night Matte Lip Pencil review

I’ve always wanted to try out an ‘unusual’ lip colour; Nars matte lip pencil in Tender Night seemed to be the one that I felt would provide that. The Tender Night lip pencil came out with the 2013 summer Nars collection. 

This jumbo lip pencil is a shimmery pale purple tone almost lilac and provides an opaque cover to the lips. I was quite apprehensive to try it as the colour does look quite bright on the pencil but once it blends with your natural lip colour it is a wearable shade. I’ve never tried Nars lip pencils before; this once was very creamy and nourishing!

You can purchase this Nars lip pencil in Tender Night (£17.50) from HQ hair - they offer free worldwide shipping!

Have you ever worn a shade you were apprehensive of at first?

-aleelily x


  1. this is an awesome review! the colour looks like it suits your skin tone hugely, i'm jealous!xxx


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