Andrew Barton Colour Protect Treatment Mask- REVIEW

Today I thought i would write a review of a product I came across a few months ago: the Andrew Barton Treatment Mask, this product is designed specifically for colour treated hair but I’m sure it would work just as good on normal hair. I have never used Andrew Barton products before so when I saw this in my local supermarket (sold exclusively at ASDA) on half price I had to buy it!

This salon formula treatment mask features argon oil of which you can smell as soon as you take the lid off. Just a refreshing smell! The argon oil helps thoroughly moisturise your hair and helps keep the colour radiant. After the all the recent hype around Argon oil I’m sure everyone is aware of how amazing it is?!! I have in the past bleached my hair so many times that my hair is now damaged and the growth has stunted too. I have used so many hair products and nothing has a lasting effect, they only make my hair smooth on the day of washing it. This product however keeps your hair full of moisture for a whole week even if you wash your hair everyday, the goodness stays in for around 6-7 days. I absolutely love it. No more brittle bleached hair for me, it is now very smooth and sleek! I can’t wait to re-dye my hair for the summer then use this product again!

The consistency of the product is just like any other hair conditioner, very thick and creamy. After washing your hair with shampoo apply a small amount to the ends of your hair. Leave it on for a few minutes and then wash it off. I’ve also noticed with conditioner any tangles in your hair vanish too!
For £4 you get 300ml of product, a decent sized tub that will last your for months if not a year as you only need to use the smallest amount once a week.

I really rate this product, thank you so much for reading my post. Do you have any hair conditioner recommendations?

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