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I've recently become boring in terms of using the same few products for my hair just because I know they work and I didn't really want to try anything new in case it wasn't as good. I was so glad though to come across the Fudge Urban brand. I thought I would review a few of the items I got...

Fudge Urban, Feel the heat. (150ml/£5.99)
I've been using the GHD Heat protectant spray for years and whilst this one won't be replacing it, it definitely is a pretty decent alternative for when I run out of my usual one. The Fudge Urban heat protectant spray comes in a bottle with a spray mist nozzle. This is great for ensuring you get a relatively even application on your hair. You need to be careful not to apply too much or you will have a slightly tacky feel to your hair. The spray protects against hot tool damage up to around 235 degrees C. It's priced really well for the amount of product you are getting!

Fudge Urban, Miracle Ends.  (75ml/£6.29)
I really like this hair product - packed with argon oil it works to smoothen your hair, particularly the ends. I apply this to my hair after blow drying it and it makes it look really sleek and less static. Again, for the price, it's definitely worth it. It works really well on my hair and helps to tame it.

Fudge Urban, Texture Spray.  (75ml/£5.99)
I think this has to be my most favourite product out of the three. This texturising spray adds some serious volume and body to my hair - It works so incredibly well and I absolutely love it! If you are looking to add oompf to your hair then I would give this a try. It looks great on straight or even curly/wavy hair styles. Another bonus is that it doesn't leave your hair tacky which is something I often find in certain products. ♡

*I've also just noticed Superdrug has a 1/3 off just now (at the time of writing this post) you can grab a bargain!

I hope you enjoyed this post? Let me know your hair faves!

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