The Cocoa Brown Collection.

I feel like this post is long overdue because of how long it's been since I have been using items from this brand. As you may have already noticed, due to previous posts and the occasional tweet, Cocoa Brown is my favourite tanning brand. The quality of the product compared to the small price tag is an absolute win...
I first came across the brand a few years ago now, when I was sent the Instant Tan over to review. Since then I have purchased the 1 hour Instant Tan countless times because I love it so much. I thought I would run you through some of the items from the brand; they have branched out quite a lot since the day I received a sample years ago.

Cocoa Brown 1 hour Instant Tan (£7.99)
The Instant Tan mousse is easily my most used item from the range. I have featured this previously a few times on my blog because I love it so much. The application is so easy, all you do is pump out some mousse onto a mitt (I use the CB mitt!) and away you go. I have used so many different brands in the past, but nothing compares to the result of this one. I have never once had blotchiness with this tan and the colour pay off is very natural looking - I definitely think it's down to the specially made formula which helps the tan develop instantly as soon as it touches your skin. The colour develops in an hour, but I usually leave it on a little longer to get that lovely sun kissed golden brown shade. What I also love about this tan is that it fades relatively evenly which is great for lazy days! Oh, and the scent, it smells nothing like biscuits - more floral!

Cocoa Brown Tough stuff  (£5.99)
This originally used to come in small sachets but due to demand they brought out a tube version. Inside the tube, you have a bright pink scrub that can be used before or after you tan. The scrub itself is relatively soft, but somehow it still manages to get rid of all the dry bits, leaving your skin super smooth. I use this before tanning just to prep the skin, but know of people who use it after in order to fade the tan a lot quicker - they've had really good results. The scrub lathers quite well and smells lovely.

Cocoa Brown Bronzing Gel, Matte (£5.99)
For those of you who need an instant tan that washes off quickly then this product is for you. It's perfect if you are going on a night out. The colour pay off of this product is not as strong as the 1 hour Instant Tan, but it does add a nice golden glow to your skin. It applies fairly evenly after being buffed in and you can wash it off without using a scrub.

Cocoa Brown Chocolate Whip (£5.99)
I love the effect this oil free moisturiser gives, it keeps your skin looking well moisturised and super soft thanks to the Vitamin E it contains. It actually smells like chocolate too, and this may be a bonus for some people. The Chocolate Whip moisturiser keeps your tan put and lengthens the longevity of it. 

Cocoa Brown Bronzing Gel, Shimmer  (£5.99)
This product is similar to the other gel I mentioned, but in shimmer form. Again, the colour pay off is not as strong as the Instant Tan that Cocoa Brown sell but for a nice shimmer effect to the skin and a  quick fix it is definitely worth it. Perfect for when you are going out as the shimmer catches the light beautifully.

I do really love this range! Let me know if you have tried anything from the brand?


  1. given the name of the brand, I kind of hoped that packaging was the color of chocolate.. anyway, I love cocoa-scented products :)

    Arianne | Ayre

    1. Haha imagine that! I actually really love the pink colour :)

  2. I have been wanting to try Cocoa Brown for ages. I love that it's a mousse and not a liquid. I've always used liquid tans and not a mousse, so I'd love to try something different.


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