House of Wonderland: monthly subscription box

This is literally the first ever subscription box I have tried, what even. I am only around 18 months late to the hype, but it was because I never really came across a specific box I really wanted to try until the other week. House of Wonderland (HOW for short), are a company who sell quirky items whilst placing a huge emphasis on the art and design of them. As a 'designer' myself, this totally drew me in. I really love quirky graphics they have across the whole range - plus, they are based in Edinburgh so what's not to love...

The monthly subscription box differs in theme ever month and in addition to this, are exclusive, with only a limited amount sold each month. This month, the theme was based on 'Raining Cat's and Dog's'. It was an ideal theme for me because I am pet crazy! The box retails for £19 and is packed with a variety of items with a value of around £45.

As you can see the box is beautifully packaged in tissue and then sealed with some really quirky stickers. You can really tell so much thought has been put into each box, from the little stickers mentioned down to the confetti sprinkles inside the box. 

The first few thing I noticed in the box was the purple bow hair tie; it has the cutest cat face on it and really ties in with the theme (pardon the pun!). I had the cutest cloud bookmark in my box and I've popped this into my current read for now. I also recieved a little necklace with an umbrella attatched. It's really sparkly and the purple shade really complements the metal.

I really love the thought that's gone into this book, there is such a huge variety of items you are recieving and everything feels like such good quality. The bracelet is hand crocheted and it has a little tear drop charm in the middle - I haven't taken this off since I recieved it. It's really comfortable to wear and the colour is nice and bright. I also recieved some nail decals and whilst these aren't an every day thing, they would be perfect for a themed party or fancy dress! I also recieved a little bag of candy floss which tasted great, fyi :)

The stationary lover within me was most excited for these things. I absolutely adore the notebook that was in the box and have already started filling it up with ideas, the print on the front is so quirky and so very different. I also recieved a decent sized pad for important notes. The theme shines through again in this item - I have recieved a few compliments from people who saw this on my desk. It's so me! The designs are lovely and they were by guest designer Sophie Luck Jones. Also, in the box there was a 'It's raining cats and dogs poster' which I will be featuring on my blog very soon, when I show you my desk area and picture wall - there was also a few other little bits in the box such as a cute little cat ring.

I really love this box; so much so in fact that I am tempted to go for the next one as well which is on sale on the 1st of February. The theme is Mermaids! I can only imagine how amazing that one will be.

You can purchase this box from House of Wonderland, it's a really lovely idea and would also make such a perfect gift for somebody. I've really been loving reading there blog too, where they write about the contents of the box so you can decide whether it suits.

What do you think of the House of Wonderland Jewellery Club box?


  1. that's quite cute and really would do well with stationery lovers... I'm on the fence about loving stationery and not needing them, so this wouldn't be something I'd subscribe to... Then again, I'm not subscribe to any box either lol

    Arianne | Ayre

  2. Love the look of this subscription box! The cat hair tie is beyond adorable!

    Claire // Technicolour Dreamer

  3. Love the look of this! Defo need to watch to see what else they come up with :-)

    Nicola //


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