Sneaker love

Blue and white stripe, sneakers - H&M
White mock croc, slip on - MissGuided
TIPI Snake, skaters - Topshop
Leopard, skaters - Shoebou
Black snake print, skaters - MissGuided
Vans holographic, skater shoes - Net-A-Porter
Leopard, sneakers - H&M
Holographic, skater shoes - Ebay

My recent love for sneakers/skate shoes, has rapidly grown into a little obsession almost. I went a little WILD and purchased a few new pairs the other day after scouring the internet for ages. My justification for this was that I think they will be perfect not only in the Summer but also in a few weeks for when Spring comes around... and well Autumn too! I find that sneakers are so versatile and can be worn with almost anything.

I have compiled a little list of the ones I like and it also includes a few of the ones I’ve purchased. I can see my collection growing in the coming months. They are just too comfy!

Let me know what you think of skate shoes?


  1. These are gorgeous!! I'm looking for new shoes at the moment so will definitely go and look for these now!! :)

    Sian xo http://

  2. I love skater shoes like these, they used to be quite bulky when I was younger but all the high street stores have made them so feminine and cute! Number 6 is my favourite here, they're like mermaid shoes!

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  3. I adore vans slip on style, it's amazing how many brands use that design now Love Vicki | victoriajanex


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