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My love for skincare has stemmed from the need to try out so many different products in order to control the acne that I had in my teenage years. I tried a variety of different products from drug store to high end, some made me break out even more but some worked surprisingly well. Thankfully now my acne has completely gone - saying that I only had minor acne initially anyway; it wasn’t as bad as some people have it but it did still make me feel self conscious none the less.

Back then if I had known of companies like Sk:n Clinic I would have definitely booked in a consultation and seen what they could advise rather than having to put up with buying literally every product on the shelf, hoping for a miracle/until something worked.

Over the last 20 years Ski:n Clinics have helped more that half a million people in getting healthier, smoother looking skin. As well as many other skin conditions and diseases Acne is one of the things they hold expertise in. The leading consultant dermatologists diagnose your condition and also offer different treatments with their latest clinically proven products and technologies. 
The Dermatology treatment of Acne includes Laser treatment, advanced Salicylic skin peel, advanced Pyruvic skin peel and more, and these start from £120. 

The thing with acne is that it stays with you regardless of your age in most cases. Sk:n Clinics offer expert advice and the most advanced care with their treatments.

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  1. There is a Skin clinic here in Liverpool but I have never been in! I suffer with spots so probably should! :') Xx

  2. I've had quite a few micro-dermabrasion sessions at Sk:n in Liverpool about 2 years ago. I spent lots of money and used all of their products that they recommended and i didn't really see a difference l. I've used so many products over the years and the best skincare I've used are the Dermalogica range. There is also a new brand of facial I've been told about called Crystal Clear which I've heard is good.


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