Bomb Cosmetics Berry Xmas Cracker Gift Set

I have never tried anything from Bomb Cosmetics before as I have always stuck to Lush but I was intrigued by this set. This is a first impressions post rather than a review as I really wanted to get the post up this week . 

The Bomb Cosmetics Berry Xmas Cracker Gift Set* is a limited edition item from Bomb Cosmetics. I love the way it is presented. The bright pink cracker is tied with gold tinsel around each end and looks so festive. How cute would something like this look under the tree? It’s definitely a change from a standard box!

Inside the cracker you receive three different bath bombs: - Fresh Berry Blaster, It’s Xmas Blaster and the Cherry Bathewell Blaster, all of which are made from essential oils and nourishing butters. 

Fresh Berry Blaster (£2.29)
As the name suggests this bath bomb smells like raspberry and vanilla, I absolutely adore this one and am excited to try it. I also love the way it looks. 

It’s Xmas! Blaster  (£2.29)
This festive bath bomb contains pure Neroli and Sweet orange essential oils - I  could smell this one out of the box, it’s quite strong!

Cherry Bathewell Blaster  (£2.09)
This bath bomb contains chamomile essential oils which help you relax - perfect. It smells like white chocolate and somewhat nutty, similar to almonds or coconut. How cute is it with the little ‘cherry’ on the top.

The set itself sold out quite quickly online but you can still buy them individually.

I am so excited to they these out! Have you ever purchased anything from Bomb Cosmetics? What are your thoughts on these?


  1. They look adorable! xx

  2. I keep meaning to try these out, they look lovely! And they're far more affordable than Lush x

  3. Ah that is such cute packaging! I don't have a bath so can never get sets like these, but it is cute and a nice change from Lush!

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

    1. I love the packaging - so different and very creative!

  4. These look so cute! I haven't tried anything from Bomb Cosmetics before either, but I've seen some really good reviews and the packaging is lovely too!

    Emma xo // Wallflower Wardrobe

    1. I was exactly the same before these - the packaging and bath bombs themselves are so cute!

  5. i love these they look so pretty

    x x x


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