Wishlist #6: Pets Christmas wishlist!

1. Microwaveable Heatpad
2. Nobbly Knawer
3. Seagrass Bell Chew toy
4. Cat wand toy
5. Frolicat Bolt toy
6. Hay/treat Ball Dispenser
7. Teddy Oval pet bed
8. Faux suede Small Animal Pet bed in Large
9. Small animal Advent Calender
10. Cat Advent Calender
11. Assorted Small Animal stocking
12. Woodland Hay Cookies
13. Milo the Mouse Assorted Cat stocking

I love making Wishlist posts, this one is a little different, it's a Christmas wish list from my little petsthey mean the absolute world to me so spoiling them is totally acceptable and I don’t need an excuse, right?

I’m sure the cat and bunny will love these little treats, I decided to stick with Pets at Home as they have a wide variety of stock and their prices are also very reasonable. I love the aesthetics of the items from there too, especially their kitten and puppy ranges. So cute! 

Let me know if you have a Christmas wish list ready for your pets? I can’t help but go overboard every time i’m in a pet store!


  1. Love this pets wish list!! I think our Ollie pup needs the bed :)


  2. This will be my first Christmas with my kitten (her name is Luna) so I have a feeling I'm going to completely spoil her. Every time I go past a pet shop/section I end up buying her something!

    Lauren x

    1. Ah how sweet! It’s so easy to spoil them, they are just too cute! :)

  3. The lazer toy looks amazing! I know my cats would be entertained for hours xx
    Love VictoriaJanex

  4. So cute, I always get my cat something for Christmas!

  5. So cute! The baskets are adorable! x



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