Motivational Monday #1

I thought I would start a new series on my blog. Now that Autumn is around the corner we will be waking up when it’s dark and going home when its dark, this without a doubt affects peoples moods so I thought I would write a post every Monday just to motivate everyone a little. I made up this little image from a quote I came across recently.

I think we all have experience of this and we can all relate. I myself have a few projects I am currently pursuing and as the worlds biggest procrastinator I often look back on this quote. Success is quite universal, everyone wants to be the best they can be, everyone wants a sense of achievement. 

Success for most of us isn’t something handed on a plate. For some success is instant- I would class them as the lucky ones. For the rest, people like myself, success is something that requires hard work, a lot of time, having to put up with stressful situations, and the readiness to face and overcome obstacles. But when you have that end goal in sight and have the motivation and determination to succeed you will reach your goal, it will all be worth it, and then the next goal starts.

A way I have overcome my occasional lack of motivation is by making a list of short term and long term goals. I have completed a good few in the Summer which I am so happy about. If you are lacking motivation or need a little push then I would definitely recommend writing a list with your short and long term goals. Stick it on the wall, fold it up and pop it in your purse or even write it up at the back of your diary, a place you will see it often. The sense of achievement is like no other when you can tick a goal you have completed!

I hope you enjoyed this post, would you like to see more?


  1. love the idea behind this post - I recently went through a bit of a "stage" where I just felt so un-motivated and un-inspired, thankfully i'm back on track now but we all have those moments where we consider giving up. look forward to reading more!

    Heather, porcelainbeautyx

  2. This is definitely going to help me. Even though I love the clothes and make-up in autumn/winter my mood changes because of the dark nights and dark mornings. This will help inspire me and keep me motivated x

  3. A wonderful post idea, of course I'd be interested in more :) x

    Megan /

  4. That's a lovely quote. Keeps you motivated when feeling like giving up.
    Great post! Looking forward to the next one, thanks for sharing.



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