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I’m all for affordable makeup and when the quality and pigmentation is as good as high end products whats not to like? Make up Revolution is the newest affordable makeup brand on the block; sold exclusively in Superdrug and on their own website this is definitely a brand not to be missed. It is currently taking the blogging and youtube world by storm and I can see why! The brand reminds me of a cross between MUA and Sleek. MUA for the affordability and Sleek with some of the products packaging. 

Makeup Revolutions price bracket is really affordable. The items are priced between £1-£12 and the latter being their 100 colour eyeshadow palette.

urban decay naked 3 palette dupe copy imitation

For starters when you break down the price with 12 eyeshadows it works out to only around 83p each. This particular palette is exclusively matte, the shades range from natural beiges to browns to deep purples and even a matte black. I think this palette would be great for days you don’t want too much eye makeup or even a matte smokey eye. They have good pigmentation and last a long while without the use of a primer. I would apply the foundation last if using the darker colours as it can be a little chalky. I love the selection of colours in this palette. I have also seen many posts which say that the Redemption Palette, Iconic 3 (£4) is a great dupe for the UD Naked 3 palette. I will be purchasing it next time I’m in Superdrug, obviously.

This totally reminded me of the Sleek Acid palette, I don’t own that palette but I have read dupe posts and they are SO similar. At £4 this really is a steal. There are a mixture of mattes and Shimmers in this palette and also a few neutral shades like the silver, black and cream.  To utilise this palette (as someone who doesn’t wear bright eyeshadow) I would use a colour as an eyeliner just below the waterline and then you have the option of layering your mascara if you want to tone it down further. And its perfect that way because it is one of the current trends this Summer! A pop of colour is always a win! This palette again is priced so affordably.

I love this bronzer, even just in the pan it’s oh, so pretty. I think marbleised is the right word to use- if that even is an actual word. The bronzer contains gold shimmers through it which is perfect for the summer. The bronzer colour itself appears to be brown in the pan but when applied it is more if a dark peach. So for me this would make the perfect blush colour. There is a good 13g worth of product in this so it should last you a while and again the pigmentation of this bronzer is brilliant, you only need the smallest amount.

I have used this a good few times to find the best way to wear it. It needs a really good shake and you need to watch how much you pour out as the consistency is really runny. When applied onto the skin it comes out quite light but when blended in it really does adapt to your skin colour which is quite intriguing! It states it ‘adapts to skin tone and texture’. This foundation is definitely build able, for me in needs at least 2 layers for it to appear like a tinted moisturiser. The great thing about this foundation is that it doesn’t appear cakey at all even if you layer it. It gives a lovely matte finish and feels very light on the skin. There are also 16 shades which is amazing!

Blush Lacquer, Rush | Bloom | O’Boy (£3 ea)
I love the idea of these blushers, I have never used a liquid blush before so these were exciting to try. After asking on Twitter for the best way to use these I finally found a way which worked for me. You need the smallest amount as they are very pigmented. Once you pump it onto the back of your hand, apply a little to your cheeks, I usually go over it with my foundation brush to blend it in a little further. Usually powder blushers disappear within an hour on me but these last the whole day!

I love this lip gloss, the shimmery coral colour is perfect for the current trends and it is very long lasting. Thankfully it is not super sticky and the pigmentation is great. The coral colour shows up even without a coral lipstick underneath and the colour is true to how it appears in the bottle.

I was intrigued to try this lipstick, the inside is the lipstick itself which is really pigmented and then the outside clear ‘case’ is argon oil which moisturises your lips - a two in one product. The colour itself is perfect, as cliche as it sounds it really is a ‘your lips but better’ kind of colour. The lipstick is creamy and has great longevity. The packaging is pretty cute too.

Overall, I am really happy with the items! I am even contemplating replacing all my collection with items from Make up Revolution as they have literally everything. The prices are so affordable and the pigmentation and longevity of the products are great.

They have released a lot of new collections which look exciting! I am also eager to try out their Hot Spice Blush and Contour palette. They also have eyebrow kits (£2.50) which look good - I have never had an eyebrow kit before, I usually just use a regular eyeshadow so for the price it’s worth a try. They also sell individual eyeshadows and mascaras which look really good - basically I need to head down to a Superdrug store and go wild trying out all the products and then proceed to popping them in my basket.

Have you tried anything from Makeup Revolution? What do you think about the items I’ve reviewed?
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  1. The care lipstick looks so interesting, I bet it is so much more moisturising than a normal one! I have the Iconic 3 palette and love it, I love the look of the acid palette but it's too bright for me to brave!

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  2. I LOVE this brand. I've got a couple of the baked products and two of the iconic palettes and think they're such amazing quality for the price!


  3. wow. I'm dying to try this anything from MUR! the redemption palette, acid brights looks so bold with all the colors! I have heard so much rave about this brand, it's about time to try it!

    Intan Thalia
    The Wishing Dust

  4. Every post I see about this brand makes me want to try their products even more! I didn't know they did liquid blush, definitely going to try that out the shades look gorgeous :) X

    A Blonde Moment

  5. Makeup revolution obsessive here. I love the acid brights palette but I've been too scared to buy it in case I make myself look like a clown!

  6. i've heard this brand pop up a lot at the minute there products look so nice such a great post for someone who's new to the bran as there's so much to choose! The lipsticks look interesting as does that neutrals pallet xx

  7. This brand sounds really awesome! I am in love with those eyeshadow palettes.

  8. You picked up some lovely bits! I really want to try some of their blush palettes!
    xprincessjas | ♥

  9. I keep hearing about this brand- gorgeous looking products, definitely going to have to have a peak at their website!
    L xo

  10. Great review and break-down of the brand, so useful when considering what to buy! :) x

  11. Wow those eye shadow palettes are so pretty!
    Katie x


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