Mother’s Day Gift Idea with BakerDays

With Mother’s Day soon approaching I thought it would be quite fitting to feature a gift idea post on my blog. Everyone likes cake and this could potentially be the most well thought out present I have ever come across.

Baker Days sell ‘letterbox’ cakes as well as larger cakes and cupcakes. The beauty of a  letter box cake is just that; it is a 5" cake which is thin enough to fit through your letterbox, this decreases the chances of you missing the post because you have to sign for it.

Along with the letterbox cake you also receive a personalised card, 2 candles, and a few balloons! The cake comes in a gorgeous tin which can be re-used and this also protects it whilst in transit. The cake I received was the Mother’s Day Rose Cake, with chocolate chips made with Belgian chocolate! I personally don’t eat chocolate so I had to give it a miss but everyone else enjoyed it! Another great thing about the cake is that it can keep for around 2 weeks. So you can order it in advance! They also post international too.

Baker Days have a ton of designs online along with different cake sizes and recipes to choose from. You can also personalise the cakes with your own text and/or picture. I was happy to see they also cater to those with a gluten or dairy intolerance.

The ‘letter box’ cake is £14.99 and serves 4-5 people.  

I’m sure all mother’s would appreciate this little gift, it’s super cute and the concept is well thought out.

I hope you enjoyed this Baker Days Letter Box cake review; let me know what you think in the comments!

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  1. I love the idea of this! Such a cute concept! I bet whoever receives it will be so surprised! :D

  2. Replies
    1. It is such a great concept! x

  3. I used to work at bakerdays ! Small world :o

    Hope your enjoyed your cake :) interesting to read a review on something i probably helped produce.



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