wish list #2

1. Heart shirt (black) - eBay / Heart shirt (red) - eBay
2. Yankee Candle, White chocolate and mint - eBay
3. Cath Kidston 2014 Diary -  Amazon
4. Bare Minerals foundation kit - Bare Minerals
5, Deer hot water bottle -  Urban Outfitters
6. Buckle boots -  New Look

Hope you’re all well. A few days until the new year, can’t believe this year is nearly over. My new wish list consists of a variety of products this week. The heart print shirt is everywhere at the moment since being made famous by Harry Styles! This eBay bargain is around £7 posted and the burgundy version is only £5.99. I need want a new candle. White chocolate and mint are 2 of my favourite things so a candle version sounds great. yum. Definitely need to be more organised next year so I will be snapping up this Cath Kidston diary which is half price just now. The make up is added in this post just for good measure - I have enough but really want to try something from the Bare Minerals range. Was told I need to buy 2 different foundation powders to achieve my colour. Meh. Deer hot water bottle will come in handy soon; wonder if it will snow next week? I need these buckle boots in my life, I have been saying this for ages but I think now is the perfect time to buy them! :)

I am so pleased to have reached 270 Bloglovin followers, a big thank you to all my readers. My aim is 300 followers by the new year. I have also now got a new blog layout which you might have noticed - I have been longing for this for AGES! Waiting on the blog header now - eeeek!

Let me know what you think of my wish list and also my new layout please! x


  1. I love number 6! x


  2. WAIT.. Yankee Candle in White Choc and Mint?!?! How have I not heard/known of this before now! That sounds amazing!
    Love the heart print shirt.. I seriously need to invest kin one of these..


  3. The heart shirt is so pretty. I might treat myself to one. I would wear it all the time

    1. It is such a bargain isn’t it? x

  4. Need the shirt & boots, so pretty

    Hayley - Teapartybeauty.com


  5. Awwww the Deer hot water bottle is just too cute !! To bad they don't have it in Canada !!! I love you blog :) xCx


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