Review: Fruitbroo (caffeine free and 100% natural)

I was so glad to come across these caffeine free drinks! FruitBroo is a relatively new company who sell hot drinks which are made from ingredients that are 100% natural. Totally something I was looking for especially now with winter arriving- a hot drink is a must.

What FruitBroo says; "A new range of insanely tasty juicy fruit drinks specially blended to be served hot. 100% natural with no caffeine, gluten or dairy and only 15 calories a cup."

FruitBroo were kind enough to send me 2 flavours which are perfect for the festive season. Each bottle will make 15 cups worth, it is similar to squash in the sense that you add water to a teaspoon or two of the bottled syrup.

I was pleasantly surprised with the taste as the strength of the flavour is similar to most fruit teas. It is not over powering but if you did want it stronger you could add in more syrup. I am tempted to make iced tea with it so will let you know how it turns out. I really want to try the Honey & Lemon flavour now too! The full range is available online as well as some Sainsbury stores for £2.50. 

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know what you think of these hot drinks! 


  1. I really like these teas. They're perfect for the winter season.

  2. I've never heard of these before but i'll definitely be checking the shelves for them. Will make a nice change to my faovurite hot Ribena!

  3. Ooo they sound good :) I think i'll be keeping an eye out for these, its starting to get even colder :(


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