Monday, 9 September 2013

The AUTUMN tag

I enjoy reading tags so when I came across 'The autumn tag' on Talias blog (created by MakeupPixi3) I knew I had to do it.

Autumn is my most favourite season, closely followed by Winter. Yes, I much prefer the colder months mainly because in Scotland we hardly ever get ‘Summer', we get extreme humidity. Like Talia I also suffer from headaches during the summer. But what’s not to like about Autumn? The cool weather, faux fur lined boots, ability to layer clothes, toasty food, hot drinks, sweet smelling candles, crunchy leaves. Bliss.

For Autumn what is your…

Favourite thing about it? Being able to layer up to keep cosy for sure!

Favourite drink? Hot Chocolate, Cadburys. I am eager to try warm Ribena it’s a good'un apparently.

Favourite scent/candle? I have recently started burning my Yankee Candle Christnas Cookie candle again which I purchased last year. I brought the biggest jar available because it was raved about so much, I am happy I made the purchase, it is such a calming sweet scent.

Best lipstick? Even though I own Berry shades I never have the courage to wear them. A combination I support a lot during the Autumn months is the Bourjois lip pencil in Facetieuse which is a muted brown shade, I pair this with my all time favourite Rimmel Nude Delight lipstick as the name suggest this is a nude peach shade.

Go to moisturiser? The Soap and Glory Righteous butter which smells like Pistachios may I add. This cream is so moisturising, perfect for dry skin.

Go to colours on the eyes? I love burnt orange smokey colours on the eyes. The shimmery browns in the Urban Decay Naked palette are also perfectly fitting. A wash of colour all over the lid is effortless - colours like Smog, Toasted and Hustle.

Favourite music/band or singer? I love chart music, but I enjoy listening to Ed Sheeran and The Script during the autumn months. On a side note Ed Sheeran needs to release another album soon?!

Favourite outfit to wear? Definitely something similar to the outfit in my last post; black skirt, comfy trainers, white tee, hoodie all tied together with a jacket.

Autumn treat? A new winter jacket is on the list and has been for a while.

Favourite place to be? At home in front of the fire, hot chocolate in hand, watching a cheesy movie!

I hope you enjoyed this post, I enjoyed writing it.
What’s your favourite thing about Autumn? If you decide to do this post please let me know, I am interested in reading more! 


  1. You're going to love warm Ribena, it's so yummy :) mmmmmm :)


    1. I so need to try it! Will need to add it on to the weekly shopping list :) x

  2. Love this post! I'm so excited for autumn and I TOTALLY agree with you about Ed Sheeran!!! I can't wait much longer!! hehe

    1. Awh thank you! Haha, glad you agree! Hope it's as good as the first x

  3. awww im glad you did this! i love Ribena so definitely need to try it warm!

    1. Awh thanks Talia! :) Haha, I need to remember to buy Ribena next time I food shop! x


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