Get rid of ACNE fast! Clinique 3 step Anti Blemish Solutions

Hi everyone!

Todays post is all about how I solved my acne battle! This is quite a personal post for me but I really have to share my journey and how I got rid of it long term. With the right product(s) you can achieve great looking skin too!

So anyways onto the main point… In my young teens I never used to wear makeup pre-acne and I wasn’t fussed about face washes either. My skin was combination and I never had spots would you believe. At about 16 years of age I decided to use a face mask, at this point in time I didn’t know my skin was very sensitive, I ended up having a really bad allergic reaction and my face was bright red and dry for a whole week. A few weeks later as it healed more and more I noticed I was coming out in little spots. It turned into really bad acne. :( This was when i started to wear foundation to cover it up. The more I wore make up the worse the got, it was like a vicious cycle. I then tried so many drugstore products, Clean n Clear, Simple the list goes on…

A month or so later I decided to buy my first high end foundation, Clinique. I chose them as all there products are tested several  times to ensure they are allergy-free. As I was having my consolation, the lady recommended a cleanser as she noticed all my blemishes. I cannot thank her enough! She has actually saved my skin because i would have never tried Clinique skin care products prior to this; mainly because of the price tag! I went home all happy and positive with the thought that maybe my acne could be banished, even though I had tried several products already with no result. 

The Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions regime is a combined cleanser, toner and moisturiser. Brought singly they work out as a total of £50. Wowchers! I cannot tell you enough how well worth the money it is, have now been using it for around 4-5 years!! If you want clear skin, you need this product. The Clinque website also has tons of good reviews, everyone loves it! The cleanser is foamy product which clears makeup as well as excess oils. The toner is quite strong and does sometimes dry your skin out but with the moisturiser it is not really much of an issue. The toner thoroughly clears any remaining oil and finally the moisturiser restores any moisture lost in your skin. All the products have special properties in them which reduce acne. With previous experience I’ve noticed If they are used singly they won’t work as well. So as per the consultants advice I started the regime twice a day, morning and night. I followed this routine religiously and within the first week i started noticing my acne was reducing and they weren’t as sore anymore. During this journey i realised what products my skin was happy with and what products broke me out, its not nice having acne; your skin has a hissy fit at least once a week, well mine did anyway. 

I realised MAC foundation and primers were a no-no for me as well as a few drug store foundations. At this point I was getting very annoyed. I knew my skin was improving with the skin care regime I was following but I my skin was still reacting badly to face makeup. I decided for me the quickest way to get rid of the acne was to stop wearing foundation all together for the time being. I carried on using the Clinique products until they ran out which was about 3-4 months later. The bottles are quite big so you do get ALOT of use out of them, well worth the money! At this point my acne was virtually gone I was so happy and pleased. Finally something had worked! Everyone was shocked, I then used to get asked so many questions about how I got rid of it etc.

Stupidly, even though I knew it was a miracle product I decided not to repurchase it purely because of the price tag once again; back then as a student it was difficult to afford luxury products like these! So guess what?… my acne slowly began to come back….. After a few months of putting it off I did eventually repurchased it again. As with the last time, after using it regularly my acne ceased! And now I have been using it for just over 3 years continuously. £50 every 3 months for acne free skin is minor! Every time it finishes i repurchase; It definitely is what you would call miracle products, it has changed my life! 

I hope this post wasn’t too long, well it was but I hope it wasn’t boring haha. Please let me know in the comments what your favourite skincare product is; it will be interesting to see! :)

Anyways, thank you so much for reading :)    


  1. Thanks for the great tips! Really helpful!


  2. This is great! I have heard however that this doesn't work for everybody :/ if you have problems with your skin have you tried the Origins Zero Oil Cleanser? It is a little bit expensive but really does make a difference to the skin, same with the Alpha H Liquid Gold. Perhaps these two items alone plus a moisturiser, any really so long as it doesn't have Mineral Oil in it should help problem skin if you are persistent. Even though they are pricey they really do last and make that difference!

    1. Hi Sarah!
      Thank you so much for your comment, i haven’t ever tried Origins products, like you said- mainly because of the price. I will however make a note of those products and look into them! Thank you for the suggestions! x


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